Tips to keeping a clean car while being LAZY!

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We all find ourselves being lazy and not taking care of our car and keeping it clean. Yes we are busy consumed with kids, jobs and even just daily life as it is.  The last thing we want to do is keep our car clean.  Who does?

Here are some quick tips to be lazy at the same time while keeping your car clean!

  1. STOP EATING IN YOUR CAR! Imagine that! If you can avoid eating in your car, you won’t be doing the typical toss of the bag in the back seat! Thrown wrappers smashed under the seat, stains from the cup lid popping off while you take the sharp corner, it’s happened to me several times, and the crumbs packed up in the seat.
  2. PAY THE EXTRA for the WAX Sealant in the Car Wash! Yes it does mean you have to spend a bit more at the car wash however getting that extra wax makes it easier to wash the next time around.  Plus it gets the extra elements off the body, prevents rust from salt and so forth.
  3. KICK YOUR DARN SHOES OFF! Yes I said it, take a minute to kick your shoes off before hoping in your car.  This prevents from salt damaging your floors, sand & mud getting smashed in along with mold from having wet shoes! Plus it keeps your floors nice and clean.
  4. KIDS TO PICK UP! If you got kids then we all know how hard it is to keep your trusty ride in tip top clean shape! Having the kids not eat in the car and to pick up their items they bring in then you will notice your vehicle will be cleaner!
  5. QUICK CLEAN UP! Take quick action on spilled drinks or anything that can cause a stain. Leaving them for too long can damage the interior of the vehicle or be much harder to get it removed.
  6. KEEP IT COVERED!  If you have garage use it! Remove the old piled up memorabilia out of there and your rusty dusty weights! Keeping your vehicle out of harsh elements can help enhance the look of the vehicle, increase value & prevent from damaging effects from the harsh elements.
  7. KEEP BAGS IN YOUR CAR! Grab a handful of those old plastic bags after you are done grocery shopping and stick them in your car! Having those available make it a quick grab and throw when stopping at a gas station or car wash! You can also toss in your wrappers in there while traveling also! Quick Easy and less garbage!
  8. GETTING OUT? TAKE IT OUT! Make it a habit by grabbing stuff out of your car so it is not forgotten.

Just using these tips listed above can help keep your car clean without the extra efforts of busting tail to keep it clean.  Always think when people see your car and how you take care of it resembles how you live.  You don’t want anyone thinking you live in a dumpster!

Using these tips also helps increase the value of your car when it comes time to either sell it or trade it in.  Having a professional detailing company can help also help provide tips to you and help you maintain your vehicle to look new each time! Appearance Unlimited in Traverse City MI provides full exterior & interior detailing to help you travel in the car of your dreams!

Detailing Your Car Prevents Rust!

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As we travel on the Northern Michigan roads we are used to facing the freezing cold temperatures.  Taking our vehicle on the road during these freezing months also faces the freezing icy roads.  For us to be safe during the traveling morning commute we are conveniently provided salt on the roads.  This chemical reaction between the ice & salt helps the roads and sidewalks free of dangerous ice during this wintery months.

The salt lowers the water’s freezing point, which in turn causes ice that is already formed to melt even through the temperatures that are well below freezing.  With a bit of sand to top it off helps give us a bit of traction while traveling.

With the advantages received by the sale & sand this can also cause a lot of damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage & body damage unless you take extra care of your vehicle.

Here are some great tips to help you protect your vehicle from the ravaging salty & sandy roads.

Pre Plan Ahead!

  1. To prevent from salt damage well before the wintery season hits us is having your vehicle thoroughly serviced by washing every inch of your vehicle including the undercarriage!
  2. Apply a meticulous coat of wax and on top of that a wax sealant to help keep the wax to strongly adhere to the vehicles body / paint.
  3. Have your vehicles undercarriage fully sealed with undercoat spray products. BE CAREFUL and pay attention to brake & fuel lines. Having a professional car detailer & auto body restoration shop can help you make the best choice & prevent from any damage!

Keep your Mean Machine Clean!

  1. Regular Car Washes during the snow season is a great way to get the lovely salt off the body of your vehicle! Having professional services doing this helps ensure your vehicle will be fully dried out underneath during the detailing process.
  2. During the car washes make sure you get your vehicle reapplied with wax & wax sealant.  Regular car washes do offer car waxing however they don’t adhere as a professional detailing service does.

Keeping a regular scheduled detailed vehicle inside & out helps keep the vehicle in tip top shape by just a few simple steps.  This prevents from rust damage, undercarriage damage, interior damage & much more.  Always seek a professional for services to help you keep the value of your vehicle at the top.

Salt does a lot of damage to our vehicles not just on the outside by also the inside too. 

If you are looking at getting your vehicle professionally detailed or serviced contact us today to get your appointment scheduled! 231-409-2395 or 231-409-2176 at Appearance Unlimited! Image

Taking Spring Appointments for your Car, Truck, RV, Camper or Semi Truck!

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Appearance Unlimited is now taking appointments for detailing services for Traverse City Auto Detailing, Truck Detailing, Car Detailing, Camper Detailing, RV Detailing, Boat Detailing & Semi Truck Detailing.

Spring is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on the amazing deals & professional services provided at Appearance Unlimited.

Appearance Unlimited has been in full operation since 1993 providing vehicle detailing with pricing for each and every budget!

Don’t miss out on the great opportunities available for you to have a superior & professionally detailed Car, Truck, RV, Camper, Boat or Semi Truck!



$100 Gift Certificate for $45! Limited Time Only!

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Start Saving now at Appeareance Unlimited! Exterior Detail for more than 50% off!

Deal Description

Back by popular demand! UpNorthLive will save you money with great DEALS and the folks over at Appearance Unlimitedwill make sure your ride looks it’s best.With this squeaky clean UpNorthLive DEAL you will receive a $100 Exterior detailing package for only $50! This amazing deal for Appearance Unlimited of Traverse cityincludes the following:

  •  Wheel Wells Cleaned
  •  Whitewalls / Letters Cleaned
  •  Bugs Removed
  •  Hand Washed & Chamois Dried
  •  Door Jambs Wiped
  •  Hi-Luster Wax Applied
  •  Tires Dressed

Since 1993 Appearance Unlimited has provided a full line of vehicle detailing with pricing for each and every budget. Keeping a regular mechanical maintenance schedule for your vehicle goes hand in hand with interior and exterior maintenance. It’s a wise way to protect your investment.

The Fine Print
Valid until 1 year(s) after purchase date.
There will be additional charges for large vehicles like trucks vans and SUVs.
No credit back for unused portion.
No cash value.
Not valid with any other promotion.
Tax and gratuity not included.
One per visit.
No refunds. All sales are final.
Deal ends June 3rd 2012.
Questions please contact us at 231-409-2395 or 231-409-2176 & start saving today! You must go to and click on Up North Live Deals or click the link here.

Caring for your Car Tips and Tricks!

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At Appearance Unlimited we care for your car and helping you with these simple tips & tricks can help your car look its best. Many of us have a busy schedule & the last thing to be thought of is cleaning your car. We understand at Appearance Unlimited complete car care in Traverse City.

Tip 1: Always have disposable bags in your glove compartment. Taking a few from after grocery shopping and placing them in your car, you can now have a nice available trash bag for any wrappers, pop cans or bottles, garbage and such. This can eliminate from tossing it on that floor of your vehicle.
Tip 2: Dryer Sheets! What? Yes I said it, placing a dryer sheet under your seat will help give your car a fresh smell & lasting compared to the car freshners at your local store. We tend to spend a lot of unnecessary money on fancy items that claim to have an everlasting fragrance.  However with a simple dryer sheet is more powerful to eliminate odors and keep your car smelling fresh.

Tip 3: Not 1 but 2 floor mats! Floor mats can get badly damaged very easy especially during the winter months in Traverse City let alone Northern Michigan.  Placing large rubber mats down first then place your regular floor mats above it will prevent from any inner flooring damage from salt, water and such.  This also goes for the back seat as little feet can be all over the place.  Placing long rubber mats from one side to the other can help alleviate further damage to your floors.

Appearance Unlimited Complete Car Care has many more tips & tricks to help you have a wonderful looking vehicle inside & out. If you are looking for Traverse City Detailing or Auto Detailing in Traverse City or surrounding areas, call us today at (231) 409-2176 or (231) 309-2395. We also have a website you can visit 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

We specialize in Truck Detailing, Car Detailing, Boat & RV Detailing & much more.  If you are interested in Accessories please let us know, we can help you with the best pricing in town!


Summer is HERE!

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Yes you heard it! SUMMER is HERE! Appearance Unlimited and their staff are just as excited as you are & that means boat detailing in traverse city migetting your boat(s) & watercraft ready for the lake.

Having your boat detailed by Appearance Unlimited in Traverse City can make a big difference to helping you start your summer off right. Don’t let your boat be neglected from sitting in storage for the winter time.  Let your boat shine amongst the others.

Don’t have time to bring your boat to us or your vehicle, no worries we can pick up & delivery to help you during your busy schedule.

boat detailing in traverse city

Appearance Unlimited offers a wide range of services from detailing to complete overall care for your watercraft or your vehicle that will be towing your boat. With car detailing in Traverse City being a challenge to find, Appearance Unlimited is your #1 choice to go for.

There are packages to fit your budget and need while offering the best of the best customer service for you and your family especially your car!

You can schedule an appointment easy by either going to our website or calling us at (231) 409-2395 or (231) 409-2176. We are always looking forward to helping you care for your car or boat!